Video Interview and Candidate Assessment Software

Using one-way video interviews, assessments, and task simulations, we make comparing and choosing job candidates a breeze.

Optimize Your Hiring Process

Interview More Candidates In Less Time

Assess More Than Just The Technical Skills

Take The Guess Work Out Of Screening Process

Express Your Expectations To Candidates Upfront

Feel Confident In Your New Hire's Capabilities

Use Data To Compare & Choose Best Candidates

Application Features

Standardize & Automate Interview Process

Make your interviewing process consistent and introduce automation to it to reduce the amount of time spent screening candidates

Challenge Candidates With Text And Video Questions

Create questions in both text and video formats and get responses in text or video as well. Use textboxes, checkboxes, radio buttons, etc.

Add Custom Intro And Outro Messages And Videos

Add one or more intro and outro messages in text or video format to your interviews

Use Data And Analytics When Making Hiring Decisions

Use data such as score, feedback rating, time to complete interview, time spent per question, etc.


Save Questions To A Library For Later Use

Save and reuse questions from a Questions Library in future interviews. 

Build Interview With Questions From Multiple Categories

Categorize questions based on complexity, skillset, job role and other criteria in your Questions Library.

Add Reviews And Feedback To Each Interview

Add your feedback and rating to each interview. Then, compare your candidates based on ratings.

Share Interview Recordings With Colleagues

Let other stakeholders review interviews and capture their feedback before making a decision.